Compassion crosses all barriers.

On , Marion Jurrjens said:

Fallen in love in Sioux Lookout, Ontario with a Canadian forester, we got into an argument about the fact that I did not want to leave an inebriated native man lying on the steps of the liquor store.
It made it clear that my future husband, a kind man in general, was a racist and he was not the only one around. I hailed from the Netherlands and my parents had lived in Amsterdam during the war, where most of the Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals had been deported to the concentration camps. Daily their high school class became emptier and in the end only a few pupils were left. When I was born in 1952 and they both had their doctors practice they ingrained in me that all people ought to be treated as equals. Since never ever again should we be silent when inequality raises it's ugly head again.
Compassion will open our eyes to look passed colour of skin and will open our hearts to embrace others like human beings who are all equal and who all need to be respected in the same way.

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