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On , Stephania Kostiuk said:

When I was a child growing up in the North End, my friends were all shapes, sizes and colours. It never occurred to me to separate myself from them. Any questionable and rude descriptors of races were made out of total ignorance. As we grew up and noticed that we indeed were different from each other, we started to take note of what the older kids and adults were saying about each other. I believe that the behaviour on their part ,was a misguided attempt to make us as children, understand that our place was with "our own people". That was where I feel we went wrong.
I am a parent of a thirteen year old girl and an eleven year old boy. I'm Ukrainian and my husband is Swiss, Belgian and Metis. Their friends are all shapes, sizes and colours. Rather than stressing the differences , we , as parents, embrace and include everyone. My extended family shares Punjabi, Iraqi, Filipino, El Savadoran and native heritage. I look at it as a beautiful combination of cultures!

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