Updated curriculum

On , Patti said:

The school curriculum needs to be revamped to include how the colonial history of Canada shaped- and continues to shape- Aboriginal issues in our country. Not just the Champlain et al history that bores scholars to tears, but the recent past and it's role in the existing systemic racism that occurs today. Treaties, reservations, residential schools, the Indian Act- how it all has contributed and shaped cultures along with our world view; how it is interconnected, and the role ALL of us play in making our society a richer and more inclusive one.

I think there is too much 'don't hold me responsible for the actions of my grandparents', without the understanding that it is still occurring today. When there is understanding, there can be change. One important place to start that understanding is through our schools. What an opportunity we have! Think of the guest speakers that could come in and talk with our youth! It has always astounded me that this isn't already formalized.

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