why aren't all groups represented?

On , brenlee said:

ALL GROUPS get a say in what happens in our city, when this big article came out, the mayor, and chiefs and aboriginal leaders were all there as one, where was the hindu's? where was the ukrainians? where was the filipino representatives? where where the chinese representatives? my thought is that this was slapped together for a good sound bite, i was shocked and dismayed that the mayor jumped on the bandwagon and went ahead WITHOUT checking the facts, CJOB basicly debunked that article, WITH THE AUTHOR THAT WAS FLOWN INTO WINNIPEG, COURTESY OF OUR MAYOR, do i have a answer no, but EVERY GROUP WAS NOT THERE, racism goes both ways, not just one group against another, lets start with the children they are the change we need, teach them that the cycle can be broken, time has passed for blaming what happened to your great great grandparents that is a crutch that needs to be taken away so we can stand on our own again,

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