stop discriminating

On , Bryan said:

I would like to suggest that we allow people to celebrate and acknowledge the holidays as they choose. We shouldn't be told that we cannot say Merry Christmas anymore. We should not be told that it is politically incorrect. I grew up saying Merry Christmas and will continue to say it. If someone wishes to say Happy Holidays they are free to do so, I am not offended. Every race should say what they want and celebrate as they want. And other cultures should not be offended because I celebrate or say Merry Christmas. This is what makes us unique and makes Canada unique.

The lord's prayer should not have been taken out of schools. If someone finds it offensive then the student can wait in the hall, but you cannot accommodate every culture but different cultures came to Canada and should do as other Canadians do. So why is this taken away from Canadians as well? I'm not a Christian man but I grew up with it and didn't find it offensive. It was part of my childhood.

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