Divisions in our city

On , Ally said:

As a female visible minority who was born and raised in Winnipeg, I am very glad to see this discussion starting to take place. I have experienced situations that have left me feeling different, or like an "other", simply based on the colour of my skin. Stereotypes are alive and well in this city and they place minorities into categories that are meant to contain. Humans are not meant to be categorized by races. There is no such thing as a positive stereotype and these stereotypes help create the divisions we see today.
I have also heard many people discuss their opinions of our aboriginal populations in our city. Most of the time the comments were negative, derogatory, and racist. Perhaps these people felt comfortable speaking like this in front of me because I am not aboriginal, but it only left me wondering "If they think this way about this group, then how do they think about me?" This is a very unsettling feeling. This summit is a small step in the right direction.

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