Kicking racism to the Curb

On , snobunniesbizz said:

It’s nice to see a site where all can come together as One Winnipeg. This is curbing racism; we are working, listening, understanding, and communicating with each other. Awareness has been raised; it’s time to take action and curb it. I would raise awareness by adding culturally based advertising, which is rarely seen in our city, holding a Pro-Acceptance forum, and staging a One Winnipeg convention annually. It would teach many ethnicities’ histories and cultures. Folklorama is a start but think beyond that. The event would be free of charge, being affordable for all walks of life. Raising more awareness would lead to more self-awareness. By watching ones own thoughts and actions for a ‘change’ would get this movement in motion. Change starts with self; since learning of Maclean’s Magazine’s accusations of racism in Wpg; I smile and say hello to everyone. Not only is it a ‘Smile of Respect Project’, it’s a certain sense of ‘paying acknowledgment and acceptance forward’.

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