Tackling Racism with a Smile (Part 2)

On , Matthew Bzura said:

In times of hardship I’ve always turned to comedy for moral support. Laughter truly is life’s most effective form of natural medicine. Much like music and other forms of art, comedy has this remarkable ability to directly confront difficult issues, like racism, with a humorous overlay. Comedians will often satirize harsh realities in a way that provides a smile as well as some serious food for thought for those who tune in. As a bonus, it’s done in a way that removes a good chunk of awkwardness from the equation.

I’m not naïve enough to think that a few comedy shows will solve the problem of racism in our city or country. That being said, I think comedy has the potential to be one piece of a highly complex solution to an even more complicated problem. Winnipeg has some of the most intelligent, creative, and hilarious citizens in the entire country. I propose that it’s time for our funny people to take the stage and confront racism with a smile.


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