We need to develop empathy

On , Deanna said:

We need to work to develop more empathy between and amongst all people of Winnipeg. We need to tell our stories and share the telling. What did Asian or African refugees leave behind? What made them take the frightening steps of leaving home and moving half a world away from everything they knew? Surely not for the privilege of working at a convenience store! What about the Aboriginal people who have had the rug pulled out from under them and didn't stand a chance from the day they were born? They aren't simpletons who are happy to be in a state of intoxication. More like a slow but deliberate suicide. They are not inherently lazy or entitled and deep down want the same things as everyone else. Life, family, security, dignity... These stories need to be told in all of their gritty, stark unvarnished truth. Only then, I believe, will people begin to feel empathy and from there begin to understand that we are not all so different in what we want for ourselves and those we love.

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