Mentoring programs

On , Alison Coates said:

I'd like to see mentoring programs in place instead of throwing money at social problems and hoping that they will just go away. We have a lot of retired people and people who may have some time on their hands who are well educated or have a trade or who have successfully raised a family who can help others wanting to learn these skills or at least get them interested. I'd also like every adult who has not achieved a grade 12 or equivalent have the opportunity to do so. If every teacher donated 2-3 hours out of their summer vacation to help a group of adults study for their GED this could easily be achieved. Learning makes people feel good about themselves and this brings people together, which is what we need more of. I have another suggestion for people on social assistance and how to earn "shopping credits", but the words weren't coming out properly, if interested in hearing this suggestion please contact me.

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